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LCKY Again

Into the fourth decade

Typos intentionaly left as fodder for future graphologists

Like the last drunk at the bar

”Trump impeached again” was the banner headline across, at least The New York Times and The Washington Post and it was the definition of anti-climatic. After all, the world knows the outcome. In seven days, Trump is no longer president, regardless of what he believes or the the US Senate does.

And the world has literally already seen him be impeached only months earlier.

He has broken the rules, broken the system that enforces the rules, and broken the patience of almost everyone. Yet he won’t leave. Even out of office, he’ll loom as a constant, if toothless, annoyance for months, if not years.

But its important to acknowledge, and accept that reality, and move on.

With everything this world has collectively experienced during the past 12 months, we know how essential it is to find potental in a world of diminishing expectations.

New year’s snow

Nothing much to say, but wondering how much of a nudge I’ll need to write 100+ words a day, every day for the year?

Factoring in emails, Slacks, and business documents writing, I’d likely be able to hit that stride without being aware of it. All I’d need would be some kind of mileage tracker for my key strokes connected to each laptop (because, really, I don’t write write on mu touch-devices).

Regardless, the fresh snow outside is a nice mental reminder (more so than the calendar change), of how this season allows for a new start. The ground is frozen, with the dirt and mess of the past year buried under a bed of crystallized fragments of clouds.

In conjunction with the meeting-free quiet of this period at work, when I finally give myself permission to read what I’ve set aside for when I have time to synthesis it all, this time of the year can be restoratvie. In fact, though I rarely make New Year’s Resolutions™, I usally fnd myself writing bigger picture strategy documents about what I’m hoping teams will do at work. Though it rarely happens (underestimate how much bridge-building I need to do to bring people along), each year feels like it gets closer to possible. And despite the mess of this year, I may actually to finally be in the right place to make this decade-long vision for come alive.

But I am getting ahead of myself…

For now, it’s time to enjoy the contrasts of light and dark playing outside my window in those barren tree branches and take all of this time in.

One last note…spent the last couple weeks reading Until The End of Time as an ebook. May need to revisit as an actual book again soon. The book captured more of my disparate curiosities with each new section—it was unexpected and profoundly resonated.