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LCKY Again

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6 months ago, 19 years ago

Woke up this morning thinking about how I almost became a tourist by taking a trip to the top of the World Trade Center to see the sights. I’d split from my group (who went to the MOMA after getting directions from a stranger shouting at us) and wandered downtown but found the garishness of it all too much.

The next month, the building was gone.

I watched it fall after a radio host told me to turn on the TV.

I watched it fall, told my new wife everything has changed—then went to work.

It’s been 181 days since I’ve worked in an office.

This time I knew it was coming. I could see rolling toward us in slow motion since that start of the year.

Doesn’t mean I knew it would still be here.

That we’d still be dulling our senses just to get by.


Here we are.